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Marketing Glossary

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Site Settings

Help with your site's settings when editing or creating a site in ConversionRuler.


Basic settings

Subscription Settings

Tracking Settings

Tracking settings affect how information is recorded for this site. Changes here should be done delicately, as the wrong setting may cause you to lose information which you may want.

Conversion Action Settings

Conversion action settings affect how conversion actions are recorded, specifically how conversion actions which are unknown to your site are recorded. See

Reporting Settings

These settings affect how information appears in reports. Changes here are cosmetic, and do not affect how data is gathered or reported.

Report Landing Labels

ConversionRuler allows you to tag your inbound traffic with up to 8 different labels, organized in a hierarchy. You can customize what these labels are here.

Legacy Settings

This section is only visible to customers whose accounts were created prior to 2009, and allows changes to settings which affect legacy features in ConversionRuler.

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