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ConversionRuler Browse

The Browse tab is a launching point to examine data stored in your ConversionRuler Sites.

Unlike report data which is computed, this section allows you to peruse raw data which is stored in each of your sites.



This displays raw data usage for all sites within your account:

And, the number of:

Why is the useful?

Conversion Actions

Lists conversion actions for the selected site, and allows you to search the list for specific order numbers, for example.

Why is the useful?


Manage your new keywords and negative keyword associations with PPC engines.

At the top of this page is detailed information regarding how to use this list to manage negative keyword lists with PPC vendors.

Landings Browser and Editor

This list contains all of the automatically generated landings and allows you to modify and correct typographical errors.

ConversionRuler has up to 8 different Landing Levels available for categorizing inbound traffic, typically done using query strings.

You can filter the list by the landing level, and edit individual entries as needed to correct typographical errors, or search the list for specific terms.

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