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Asynchronous snippets

ConversionRuler Tracking Snippets are a combination of JavaScript and HTML which track page views on your site and allows you to track visitor actions on your web site.

Enabling Asynchronous snippets adds functionality which makes our script:

The only reason to enable this feature is if you:

The Asynchronous snippets feature adds two attributes to the JavaScript script tag which are supported by most popular browsers, the "async" attribute, and the "defer" attribute. Learn how JavaScript runs on a page and how these attributes affect it.

Drawbacks to Asynchronous Snippets

Enabling this feature may result in less accurate tracking. In short, if you have a sufficiently complex page which takes more than a few seconds to load, and a visitor leaves the page before our tracking snippet has a chance to execute, then that page view will not be tracked.

Enabling Asynchronous Tracking

"Check this box"

To enable asynchronous tracking for a site, check the box at the top of the installation page: the snippets will be updated, and the setting is saved with your site settings. Then install the snippets normally on your site.

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