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A/B Split testing

A/B Split testing (or A/B Testing) is a marketing term which describes testing two variations of a marketing message on customers to determine which message is more effective in producing Conversion Actions by customers.

The "A" and "B" refer to the two marketing messages or designs.


When a visitor comes to a website, the site implements a means to divide visitors into one or more groups (The "A" group, the "B" group, etc.) ConversionRuler customers can download a script to do this (available in [[PHP}] or ASP - ask for other implementations). Best case scenario to to divide traffic equally between both sources. Typically the "division" can be handled by a redirect to another set of pages.

When splitting traffic:

Analyzing Results

The larger your sample size for A/B Testing, the better results you will get. When your Conversion Tracking software runs a report, you should be able to get something like:

Test Landings Orders Amount
A 1023 56 $394.32
B 1021 32 $561.44

In this case, you can see that Test A had more conversions, but had a lower revenue totals. Depending on the value of return customers for a campaign, marketers can make a decision based on the effectiveness of each message and the desired result to maximize profit.

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